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the roughness of the top of your head on my lips
the day after you've shaved away the hairs
sends tingles through the core of my being

the roundness of your belly pressed against mine
when we are skin-to-skin like newborns
is warmth and joy and lust-filled friendship

the fingers tough from plucking guitar-strings
tracing unknown words into the small of my back
feel like secret poetry written through my skin

and I'm no good at writing love poems
even into the soft skin of your back
and I'm no good at telling you my heart's words

but you need to know your body thrills me
and you need to know that even though
I find words so hard they stick in my throat

I love you, the core of you, your soul
fits mine like tiny puzzle pieces nobody can solve
but us. I have no words but these

and these are all I have to offer.
I don't really know what to say about this one.
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Submitted on
July 10, 2014


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